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Recent Updates
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Added a note about the power connectors used on newer versions of Ikea's Jansjö LED lights.
Added a page describing one way to store raw metal stock.
Acknowledged a discrepancy between the 7° angle illustrated and the 10°. angle showed in the downloadable drawing.
Clarified the description of grinding the end of a lathe tool.
Added links to “Chris from Clickspring” and “KBC Tools & Machinery”.
Added a page explaining how to remove a Taig lathe crosslide dial bearing block.
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This site describes my foray into what American hobbyists call “home shop machining”, British hobbyists call “model engineering” and I call messing around in my shop.

Speaking of which, this is my shop. It's a work in progress, as is this web site, which is basically a description of this hobby space. Welcome to my shop. I hope you enjoy exploring it.

By the way, I have no formal training in the operation of machine tools. It follows that you should take everything you read here with a healthy dose of caution. Whatever you read about my approach to machining, you should proceed using your own discretion.

If you have questions or suggestions, I will be very happy to receive e-mail from you. Please use the “Contact” link at the top of the page. If you do this, please leave the e-mail subject line intact, so I'll know which page prompted your response.

The Internet is an ocean of information. This site is my way of adding one small drop, to say thanks to the providers of all those other helpful web sites. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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