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Throughout this site, you will find links to other web sites that I have enjoyed, for one reason or another. On this page, I have collected those links (and a few more). Perhaps you will enjoy them, too.

Please do not regard the inclusion of vendor sites as recommendations. I am a satisfied customer of some and believe that the others are reputable, too. You decide for yourself.

Personal Sites

John Bentley
Lots of engines and much more, by a genuine craftsman.
Dean Williams
Engines, shop accessories and techniques.
Jan Ridders
Model engines.
Tatjana van Vaark
Machining as art and inspiration.
Tony Griffiths
Information about just about any lathe you've ever heard of.
Chris from Clickspring
Clockmaking, tools, but especially some fascinating videos.

Discussion Groups

Taig Owners Club
A friendly and focussed discussion forum for owners of Taig equipment.
Taig Machine Tools
Yahoo discussion forum for Taig equipment.


Taig Tools
The manufacturer of Taig machine tools and accessories.
Lee Valley Tools
Mostly gardening and woodworking tools, but also a Taig dealer, just for lathes and related accessories.
Chipping Away
Mostly wood carving tools and supplies, but also a Taig dealer, especially the Taig mill.
Nick Carter
Not only is Nick Carter a Taig dealer, he uses his site to host contributions from many Taig owners. You can get lost in there.
Sowa Metalworking Solutions
Vendor of quality cutting tools and tooling.
More types of industrial fasteners than you can imagine.
Proxxon lathes and mills
Information about a small lathe of traditional design.
Lucas Milhaupt
Products pertaining to brazing and soldering. There's interesting documentation on this site. If nothing else, it will make you aware of available products. Then when you visit your local welding supply house, you'll have some idea of how to explain what you want to buy.
Harris Products
Mostly, this site interests me because of their brazing flux.
Busy Bee Tools
A wide variety of import machine tools and accessories.
KBC Tools & Machinery
Like the name implies, lots of machine tools and accessories.
Home Hardware
Hardware, building supplies and most of what you might need for your home.
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