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Taig Lathe

Here's how my Taig lathe looks, currently. I say currently because it's a work in progress. Although it's almost ready to use “out of the box”, it invites modification and adaptation. I have made several changes, described on this site, and all of them were done to address some specific need at the time. More changes will undoubtedly follow.

It would be easy to dismiss this lathe as a flimsy toy, but that would be a mistake. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, someone who values adaptability and intelligent design will find a lot to like in the Taig lathe. For example, the lathe bed is made of 12L14 steel, bolted to an aluminum extrusion that is filled with industrial concrete. This provides mass to dampen vibrations and results in a very stiff bed. Being supported at only one end, there is no risk of twisting the bed when fastening it to a workbench or a mounting board. That said, there is room for improvement and I have addressed a bit of that, as described here.

You can read more about the lathe and available accessories at the manufacturer's web site.

additional information about the Taig lathe

Dial Bearing Block

Bodine Motor Mount

Boring Bar

Boring Tool Holder

Cut-Off Blade Holder

Lathe Tool Sharpening Jig

Sherline Motor Mount

Tailstock Die Holder

Tailstock Cup Centre

Tailstock Modifications
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