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Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Having decided that a bandsaw would make the cutting of metal easier, faster and, shall we say, more predictable, I went to a Busy Bee Tools store, intending to purchase one of the ubiquitous 4″ × 6″ saws. However, sitting right next to it was quite an attractive saw that was just a bit bigger, but seemed more substantial, The price was a bit higher, too, but it was on sale. My wife, sensible person that she is, strongly encouraged me to buy it. Okay, it didn't take much persuasion, and it came home in the back of our vehicle.

This photograph was made just after it was assembled. It hasn't been this clean, since.

The most obvious use is for cutting material to length by fixing it in the vise. This photo illustrates the ability of the saw to cut even a very short piece of stock. Although the movable jaw is very rigid, this is as small a grip as I'm comfortable using.

It's perhaps less apparent that a small table can be used for work that cannot reasonably be held in the chuck. Because the cutting force is downwards, against the table, it's quite a safe operation. Short of running your fingers into the blade, it's hard to imagine how you would come to harm.

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