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Update History

This is a place to see a history of changes to the site, at least relatively recent changes. This isn't a complete update history and, honestly, why would you care about ancient history?

19 Jul 2023
Corrected a problem that caused the images for the topics related to the Bodine Motor Mount to not be displayed.
19 Jul 2023
Enhanced menu navigation when using a mouse.
18 Jan 2023
A new page describing an LED lamp for a pulpit.
18 Jan 2023
The cookie notice has been removed from the site. I doubt that you or anyone else (including me) will miss it.
06 Mar 2022
A refresh of the web site's appearance and significant revisions to the internals of the web site. You may be interested in reading the Using Your Keyboard and Accessibility sections on the About page.
25 Aug 2021
A simple latch keeper for a sliding screen door.
24 Feb 2021
Provided a PDF drawing of the Toyo ML-210 thread cutting attachment.
22 Jan 2021
Corrected some typos and correctly stated that the bearing block is made of steel.
16 Jan 2021
Corrected a typo to describe three columns added to the Inch Threads table, not two.
01 Jul 2020
Described a height-adjustment screw for the motor mount on my Taig mill.
01 Jul 2020
Removed a defunct link to Neil Butterfield's web site.
09 Feb 2020
Added a column to the “Inch Threads” table, showing the pitch error when cutting inch threads on a Toyo ML-210 lathe.
21 Jul 2019
Added more information to the table of Toyo ML-210 specifications, now including drive belt dimensions.
21 Jul 2019
A new page, describing the Toyo ML-210 thread cutting attachment.
24-26 Nov 2018
Clarified the attachment of the lumber rack to the french cleat and added more measurements.
16 Sep 2018
The text describing the first photo in the Controller Mount section was a bit vague about a better way to accomplish squaring the end of the workpiece and has now been clarified.
14 Sep 2018
Added this new Update History page. It's a page that you can check to see if there are any changes since your last visit. When this page changes, you'll see a notice to that effect upon visiting the site. Hopefully this will be an easy way to check in from time to time, should that interest you.
14 Sep 2018
A notice will now appear once a year, reminding you that this site uses cookies and directing you to information about those cookies.
14 Sep 2018
I added quite a lot of information to the “About” page.
25 Jun 2018
Modifying a cabinet to store DVD and Blu-ray recordings, with in-shelf LED lighting.
25 Jun 2018
Hanging two pendant lamps over a dining room table, from one electrical box.
25 Jun 2018
A pair of picture hangers outdoor use.
26 May 2018
A simple device for aligning a lathe tailstock.
22 Feb 2018
How to make Taig lathe cup centres
22 Jan 2018
Another shop furniture update, describing the lathe and mill workbenches
16 Jan 2018
A shop furniture update, describing my shop cabinets
13 Oct 2017
Added a link to a PDF file containing a drawing of the Sherline motor mounting plate for the Taig mill.
16 Sep 2017
A new page, describing a squirrel baffle.
05 Sep 2017
A new page, describing a platform bird feeder.
24 Aug 2017
A new page, describing an adjustable chair's height stop.
21 Jun 2017
A new page, describing a hummingbird feeder perch.
21 May 2017
A new page, describing an SD card extractor.
19 Dec 2016
A new set of pages, describing my metal cutting bandsaw.
23 Oct 2016
A new page, describing my machinery dolly.
26 May 2016
A new page describing one way to store raw metal stock.
26 May 2016
Added a picture and explanation about the DIN loudspeaker plugs used on more recent Ikea LED lights.
23 May 2016
A new page, explaining how to use a pin wrench to remove the crosslide dial bearing block on a Taig lathe.
08 Nov 2015
I removed the Google Analytics code from the site. It's not clear to me that it has enough value on a non-commercial site.
11 May 2015
Added a downloadable drawing of the Sherline rotary table vertical mount.
28 Jan 2014
Added a new page, describing a dashcam bracket.
28 Jan 2014
Added a new page, presenting a summary of small projects.
11 Jun 2013
Added a new page, describing the use of a french cleat.
10 Jun 2013
Added a new web page, containing links to other interesting sites.
11 Mar 2013
Added a new web page, describing a letter/number stamp guide for the Taig mill.
26 Mar 2012
Added a new web page, about cutting a pinion for a Pequegnat clock, my first experience cutting a gear.
16 Jan 2012
The first version of the web site was uploaded to a public server, with 27 web pages. After this, I made several changes as I tracked down bugs and inconsistencies, until 24 Jan 2012.

Reviewing this history and comparing it to the much larger version that I have in my site journal, I'm struck by how much work was done and how many changes were made, that are not reflected on the history you see here. I suppose that it's the web site maintenance equivalent of showing someone something that you made in the shop and having the other person say that they don't understand why it took so long to make. And you and I know that their eyes will quickly glaze over, if we explain what was involved in making the thing.